he FP7 ERA Chair VetMedZg project was established to reinforce research performance in molecular veterinary medicine through the transfer of knowledge and expertise. During the next four years the ERA Chair team will organize eight workshops combined with hands-on courses. The workshops will cover the fields of omics technologies (especially genomics and proteomics), comparative tumor analysis and wildlife research. The workshops related to post-genomic technologies will be headed by Prof. Vladimir Mrljak. The workshop related with comparative tumor analysis will be organized by Prof. Željko Grabarević, while two workshops related to wildlife research will be led by Assoc. Prof. Dean Konjević. One workshop is dedicated to intellectual properties, which will be organized by Prof. Vlatka Petrović, University of Zagreb.

    Main attention will be given to method protocols, technical advances and the application of post-genomic technologies in veterinary medicine. Workshops will benefit the clinicians, biochemists, pathologists, molecular biologists and other researchers within the European Research Area and Western Balkan region introducing them to the new trends of emerging omics technologies as well as giving the opportunity to network and spark new collaborations.

    In total eight workshops will be organized with following themes:

  1. 1.Post-genomic era of molecular biology - Proteomics era I - COMPLETED

  2. 2.Clinical and applied proteomics - COMPLETED

  3. 3.Comparative molecular analysis of the selected cancers in humans  and dogs - COMPLETED

  4. 4.Wildlife medicine - Parasitic diseases - COMPLETED

  5. 5.Intellectual property management in support of innovation

  6. 6.Post-genomic era of molecular biology - Proteomics era II

  7. 7.Wildlife medicine - Epidemiology

  8. 8.Biomarkers in veterinary medicine



The project is supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development